Detail: 22-06-2008 -

Tom Rooke
Ben Appleton
Steve Metson
Adam Tanner
Matt Rolfe
Tom Ellen
Paddy Hay
Zubair Ahmed
Tom Jordon
Guy Freeman

Not a lot to say about this 4-way 12 over tournament. Two games - the first a convincing win and the second a convincing loss meant we came second overall. Barely 40 overs of cricket in 8 hours is a format that tests the patience (and drinking capacity) of even the most stolid Blues supporters.

v Peper Harow 76 in 12 overs (Hay 4-10). Blues 77-1 in 8 overs (Ahmed 28) . Won by 9 wkts.

v Cranleigh St Andrews. Blues 99-4 in 12 overs (Baldwin 33, Metson 32). CSA 101-5 in 9 overs. Lost by 5 wkts.

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