Detail: 16-05-2010 - Slinfold

Result: W by 6 wkts
Matt Fitz
Jon Burchfield
Sam Selleck
Nick Clark
Martin Corcoran
Steve Metson
Mick Berry
Gary Cullinan
Lawrence Po-Ba
Mike Tory
Zubair Ahmed

Blues complete a famous run chase at Slinfold on Sunday afternoon.

(40 overs. Slinfold 266/6. Blues 271/4. Win by 6 wkts)

With the rain holding off in deepest Sussex, the Blues won the toss and elected to field on what is a smallish field and lightening quick outfield. Slinfold requested a 40 over we were definitely in
for a result either way!!

The Slinfold openers started a pace and very quickly passed 50. However, the Blues opening bowlers Mike Tory (Blues debutant) and Nick Clarke took a couple of wickets and then Martin Corcoran (3 wickets) with the help of Sam Selleck ripped through the slinfold middle order, leaving them 120 - 6 with 17 overs to go.....unfortunately up stepped the Slinfold best batmen at No 7 & 8, who launched into our bowlers (even with Zubee bowling a maiden in the middle of it all) and took their total up to 266 - 6 at the end of 40 overs.

The skipper was heard to mention to the troops, as the we wandered off slightly shell shocked to an excellent tea, ... "240 is a par score on this bat well and we can win this".....this was met with typical Blues wry smiles!!

The chase did not start well, with The Blues stumbling to 12-2, but then the mercurial Steve "metto" Metson was joined by Blues debutant, the elegant Larry Po-Ba. The lads then coasted to the 20 over mark and drinks at 115-2. Then disaster struck as Larry ponderously wandered back for a second run and was run out for classy 63. Metto was joined by the skipper and in tandem pushed hard on the accelerator, before Metto was eventually dismissed for an excellent 74 with the score on 202.

Getting to finish line looked like a reality rather than a pipe dream now as Martin Corcoran joined skips at the crease. The batting quality stayed high and the runs came fast and eventually The Blues surpassed the large Slinfold total with more than 3 overs to was obvious that Skips was in a hurry to finish the game off (genuinely not concerned about the length of the Blues tail!!) with 3 of his last 4 scoring shots going for SIX and finishing on 85 Not out!

After much jubilation in the changing room, one of the debutants was overheard to ask "Do the Blues always win and chase those kinds of scores down??".......the wise old sage of the Blues Mr Burchfield just smiled and laughed!!!

Roll up for Sunday 6th June at will be a cracker...and the sun might come out

Skip...for the day! Matt FitzGerald

[updated 15 12 2010]