Detail: 06-06-2010 - Warnham

Result: W by 11 runs
Matt Fitz
Tom Ellen
Tom Jordan
Purav Patel
Richard Shepherdson
Rich Clark

Blues defend small total and win by 11 runs - Blues 144 all out - Warnham 133 all out

With the weather set fair, Blues won toss and the words of tom Ellen ringing in the skippers ear 'we have a strong batting line up', elected to bat and force home the advantage.

With one short boundary and a lightening quick outfield a big score (250) looked on the cards. Well things are never that simple with the Blues and after some strong early hitting from tom Jordan (25) the rest of the line up capitulated to a very strong young Warnham seam attack, that used a bouncy track and movement in the air and off the pitch to
good effect. It was left to Tom Ellen (37) batting at no. 8 to nudge the score up to 144 and just about making it worthwhile to go out and field.

Interesting their keeper took 5 catches in the innings.

With Rich Clarke (team pessimistic for the day) talking about getting home early, early tea was taken. However, there was a feeling in the camp that if the Blues bowlers found the same bounce as the Warnham attack, that scoring runs was not as easy it first looked!

Needless to say a great spell from Tom Ellen (10 overs 2 for 26) and supported well Purev Patel started the squeeze and kept the runs down and took a couple of wickets, but with Warnham reaching 80 - 2 things looked a little forlorn.

Up stepped Tom Jordan to bowl the ball of the day and knock over the aggressive Warnham no. 3's off stump.

With lots still to do the Blues smelt blood and the skipper called for his silent 'slinging' assassin....Rich Shepardson.....

Needless to say the blues catching was erratic (4 sitters were name dropping is a team game....!) So 'Sheps' did it himself with 2 caught and bowled and eventually finished with a 5 wicket haul in quick time (5 for 20) and rescued the fixture, reducing Warnham to 133 all out, in the early evening sunlight and much to the excitement of his team mates !!

Thanks to all involved and the skipper was delighted to see the Blues can chase 266 one week and defend 144 a few weeks later......quality club spirit and determination.....all bodes well for a fine summer......!!!!


[updated 15 12 2010]