Detail: 09-08-2020 - Putney

Result: Won by 7 wkts
Played 4 Won 4! The Blues Success Story keeps on going!

Well played to all Blues yesterday in the searing heat at Barnes Common where Putney play.

The bowling was 1st class as we restricted Putney to 161 in 35 overs. Fine bowling from Glenn (2 wickets), Guy (3 wickets), Will (3 wickets), Alex and Mo.

On a very bumpy outfield with little grass the fielding was excellent to back up the bowlers with Speedy Sam, Alistair, Jack, Das keeping for the second day in a row and debutant Daragh all catching the selectors eye.

With water breaks every 5 - 10 overs the Blues kept at the task and deserved their shady rest at tea time under the Putney Gazebo.

162 to win is not a big score but this is The Blues so all eyes were on the batting line up.

Alistair and Jack opened up and were solid and saw off the main bowlers. With Alistair departing for 19 Youcef strode out to play the support role to Jack who hammered several pie chuckers into the Barnes Common trees and undergrowth. Cue squirrels and badgers leaving the area.

The innings momentum was paced to perfection and when Jack went for a fantastic 88 and Youcef for 26 it left Das and Mo (plus his Buttler-esque switch hit) to take us home to victory.

We retired to their club house to celebrate the victory and were then requested to join in the Putney traditional shot drinking so both Skippers, men of the match on both sides (Jack and Guy for us for batting and bowling) had to drink for the toasts.

The Putney team said that they closely scrutinise all oppos to check they were the type to play in the future and we left to be told The Blues had passed "the Test" and if Harry J contacts Ben their fixture sec in October then we will be back next year! A good fixture for early in the season.

Thanks to Guy for photo-ing the attached screen book pages

If any one did not give me their match fees please could they let me know

On to Shackleford (Sunday 16th) when Glenn is in charge and then Frensham (Sunday 23rd) when I am back in the saddle. Let us know if you can play.


[updated 16 09 2020]