Detail: 23-05-2010 - Old Georgians

Result: W by 8 wkts

Giles Farmer
Nick Herne
Tom Jordan
Tom Ellen
Richard Mullet
Zubair Ahmed
Marcus Jansa
Tom Rooke
Stephen Metson
Ritanjan Das

OG 145 (Rooke 4/5, Ellen 4/10) Blues 146/2 (Metson 50, Jordan 49)

A number of good performances if your name is Tom!

Opening the bowling with Rooke and Ellen we took control of the game instantly and the oppo were soon 9 for 3. The OG's soon started to build a partnership and at (roughly) 70 for 3 the skipper turned to Rooke to get control back of the game by grabbing us a cheeky wicket. He didn't. He got us 3!. The OG's battled their way to 145 all out and Tom Ellen
finished them off with two wickets at the end to give us enough time to chase a half decent total. Rooke finishing with figures off 4 for 5 off 8 overs (or something similar) which will do his average no harm at all whilst Ellen wasn't far behind with 4 wickets also for not many more.

Other wicket takers were Zubair X 1, Richard Mullet X 1. On top of that there was some wonderful fielding and I believe I saw a number of Blues players leaping through the air to cut off boundaries - most notably Simon (? Not sure surname, mate of Ellen's) who put in an early contender for stop of the season at gully.

After a solid start from Messers Jordan and Jansa it was quickly apparent that 145 wouldn't be enough for a strong Blues side and with very few alarm bells we knocked off the runs with 12 overs to spare and only 2 back in the hutch. Jordan finishing on 49 after after Ellen triggered him LBW even though his front foot was planted several metres down the pitch and Steve Metson finishing with his 50 with little fuss.

Great day, great victory

[updated 15 12 2010]