Detail: 19-06-2016 - Shackleford 2

Result: Won by 58 runs
‎Blues lost the toss and inserted to bat on what is always a tricky paced track. The top order were useless (43-4 after 8 overs) include a farcical run out!!

Youcef (44) and Apples (39) steadied the ship, but then their spinner left us 143-9..enter mullet (33 no) and ellen (19 no) who steadily, over the remaining 45 mins of the innings, dragged the blues upto 191-9 when time ran out!

A score we had a chance of defending, but the outstanding tea slowed things up a little.Ellen and Drinky were wicketless in opening 8 overs played in intense heavy drizzle, but on came Apples (3-19) that opened up the top order.

The blues chipped away, but the oppo needed 100 runs off last 20 overs with 5 wickets in hand. With Youcef steady left arm keeping a lid on things from one end, rookey (2-14 plus 2 catches) came on late off a 6 pace run up and took a couple more from the other (including a comical dropped catch as aqib and martin corcorcan called others names and watch the ball drop 3 yards from both of them).

But with 14 overs left and 70 to get skips rolled out the 'death bowler' ‎....the balham express (aka Mitch) bowled with his usual fizz and in his second over accidentally got one to swing away catch the edge and Metto (who -game to date - had run out Drinky and gave out mitch lbw when it hit him high on the thigh) at keeper dived low to his right and held the catch In his webbing!! The very next ball their useful looking skipper then middled a typical mitch ‎full toss down the leg side and unbelievably in the gloom, mullet stuck up a right hand and it glued to his palm!!!!!!

The blues were amazing and stunned...catching had won us the game!!!

An easy final wicket and shackleford all out for 133 with 8 overs to spare.


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[updated 10 07 2016]