Detail: 02-09-2018 - Frensham

Result: Won by 8 wkts
Blues too strong for half-baked Frensham

The Blues whipped Frensham by 8 wickets on a sweet day out in Surrey on Sunday.

Baked in sunshine, it was a piece of cake for the visitors in the end - that said, the home side did start well.

Neither Glenn nor James could convert some early accuracy into wickets. Frensham moved past 40 for 0 as a long afternoon in the field beckoned.

But then on came Rich at first change. Mulley ripped through the Frensham top order - taking a quick three wickets, with some great swing bowling. One wicket included a neat take from Harry (The Canary, ever chirping) behind the stumps.

However, the debate for best bowler will rage on long after sunset - as Zahid also took a trio, including their dangerman and captain Matt. Great variation of pace and arrow straight bowling from The Player (ask the Leicester Ladies).

A late flurry of runs saw Frensham reach the 120s, before Glenn sent the stumps flying of their number 11 in the final over.

Steve and Aqib strolled out after a particularly filling tea and both looked comfortable at the crease.

Aqib played a range of crunching strokes to reach 40. Steve looked very solid indeed, authoritative at 1 (more Gower, less power), and loads of boundaries were struck all around the short rope.

Youcef and Harry followed Aqib and both had a swish. Youcef got in on the fun at three (his second buffet of the day - and he should take some credit for a solid warming up debutants Nico and Mael and Harry T).

Y and H got into double figures as the Blues knocked off the 126 runs with just two down and plenty of time to spare.

Unfortunately Harry's Chris Gayle like batting cost Steve a well deserved 50 by just two runs...

Congrats to the Blues on making it to 70 not out!


[updated 17 09 2018]