Detail: 14-05-2023 - Chiswick

Result: Lost by 3 wickets
Match Report: Blues CC vs Chiswick CC

The much-anticipated clash between Blues CC and Chiswick CC took place on a sunny afternoon at the picturesque cricket ground. It was a 40-over game filled with twists, turns, and moments of brilliance. Here's a detailed account of the match highlights:

Blues CC won the toss and elected to bat first. Opening batsmen Cef and Ed J stepped onto the crease with a determined mindset. Ed J looked in great touch from the beginning, displaying his impeccable timing and shot selection. Their partnership got off to a solid start, laying a strong foundation for the team.

Archie, batting at number 3, had a tough day at the office. Despite his best efforts, he struggled to find his rhythm and was dismissed early. His dismissal came at a cost of GBP10 per run, making it a disappointing outing for him individually.

Jack, however, held his ground and grinded his way to a slow but crucial score of 20-odd runs. His patient approach allowed the team to stabilize the innings and keep the scoreboard ticking.
Simon Richards, with his sleeves rolled up above the biceps, brought a sense of intensity and determination to the field. His presence added to the team's energy, both in batting and fielding.
Henry Giles looked in terrific form, however decided his legs could carry him quicker than reality and ran himself out when the Blues needed to keep their wickets in tact.

Unfortunately, Sumit fell victim to a dismissal on the seventh ball of the over, cutting short his innings on just seven runs. It was an unfortunate moment for him, but cricket can be unpredictable at times.

When it was Blues CC's turn to bowl, Jimmy and Nick were given the responsibility of opening the attack. They faced Chiswick CC's formidable batting lineup, which boasted two of their finest batsmen. Jimmy made an impressive start, dismissing the first batsman with a plumb lbw appeal on the very first ball. However, to the disbelief of Blues CC, the umpire ruled it not out.

Despite the initial setback, Sumit and Chellis put on an excellent bowling display, causing trouble for Chiswick CC's batsmen. Chellis, in particular, was exceptional, finishing his spell with impressive figures of 1-10 off eight overs. His accuracy and control played a vital role in containing the opposition's scoring rate.

The match witnessed a moment of village cricket when Hamish delivered a half-tracker, only for the batsman to pick out Ed Jenkins in the field. To everyone's surprise, Ed leaped over the ball, missing the chance to take a catch, resulting in four runs for Chiswick CC. It was an amusing incident that added a touch of humor to the game.

As the match approached its climax, Chiswick CC required six runs to secure victory. The batsman had played a sensible knock and brought his team within touching distance of the finish line. However, the Blues CC players decided to taunt him, testing his nerves. It worked like a charm as Sumit, sensing the opportunity, delivered a skillful delivery to knock the stumps and send the batsman back to the pavilion. It wasn't a game-changing moment as the next batsman scooped his first two deliveries for two 2s that sealed the fate of the match in Chiswick CC's favor.

Overall, it was an enthralling encounter between the two teams, filled with ups and downs. Both sides showcased their skills and determination, making it a memorable day for cricket enthusiasts. For a detailed look at the scorecard and statistics of the match, you can visit the following web address:

[updated 24 05 2023]