Detail: 24-05-2023 - Battersea Ironsides T20

Result: L by 5 wkts
Match Repot - Blues v Battersea Ironside

Morning chaps - just dragging myself from under the bus to recap what as a v convincing Blues performance, late in May, that had the spectators on the edge of their seats until the final over. Winning the toss and choosing to bat first was a no-brainer, and it turned out to be a decision well worth making. Our opening duo, consisting of myself and J. Ward, came out swinging, racking up 27 runs in the first three overs, setting the tone for the day. However, yours truley had to make way for Stevenson after an unfortunate exit.

The real spectacle unfolded when Jack and Hal took the crease, displaying some fierce firepower and establishing a partnership that yielded a whopping 120-plus runs. Unfortunately, our spirits were momentarily dampened when Hal narrowly missed his well-deserved half-century. Eddy J's stint at the crease was brief, and he swung wildly at just seven balls, eager to replicate his performance from the previous week. The innings was brought to a close by Simon and Jack, with Simon contributing a commendable 8* and Jack finishing strong with an impressive 77*, setting a total of 183 for the opposition.

Despite the opposition captain's claims of having a lackluster batting lineup, I believed that 183 runs were a highly defensible score. Chelis, entrusted with the new ball, raised our hopes high. However, the opposition's opening partnership of around 130 runs quickly dispelled any illusions of an easy victory. It wasn't until the 15th over that Chelis finally claimed the first wicket. From there on, the opposition's middle order seemed to crumble under the pressure, with batsmen 3, 4, 5, and 6 falling for less than 10 runs combined. This was largely thanks to the tidy and accurate bowling of Goodwin and Verity.

As the game hurtled towards its thrilling climax, only four runs were required for the opposition to snatch victory in the final over. In a moment of decision, I embraced my inner Aussie and decided to leverage the rapidly fading light conditions to our advantage. I delivered the ball as fast as I possibly could, hoping that the opposition wouldn't be able to see it out of my hand, just as we struggled to track it off the bat in the field. The first two balls yielded miss-hits that dribbled to fielders, and it seemed like my audacious plan might work. However, the fourth delivery took an unexpected turn. Yousef, keeping wicket, couldn't spot the ball either, and it sailed past him, over the boundary for a crucial four, snatching the hope of victory away from us.

It was a close and highly enjoyable match, with both teams giving it their all on the field. The excitement on the pitch was followed by a round of drinks, as we celebrated the game and shared stories at a nearby fancy pub. We even managed to confuse the waiters as we claimed chips intended for other tables. Allez le Blues!

Notable mentions:
J. Ward: 77 from 55
H. Stevenson: 48 from 31

C. Ellis: 4-0-23-1
N. Goodwin: 4-0-39-2
T. Verity: 3-0-26-1

[updated 28 11 2023]