Detail: 13-08-2023 - Roehampton (2)

Result: L by 42 runs
*Blues Match Report Vs Roehampton*

With the return of the Premier League, Lionesses winning early afternoon and England vs Wales rugby heading late into the evening, the chances of a hungover team Sunday looked increasingly likely. With some condemning evidence of Harry Baker spilling the contents of a multiple Guinnea on his NEW white t-shirt, (If anyone wants the photo, just ask), a 40 over Sunday was the last thing that the Blues contingent would've wanted.

Surprisingly multiple Blues arrived early, bleary eyed and still fuelled by beer and tequila, a pregame net seemed like a good idea. Archie Tawney wanting to get some bat on ball trotted in to face the Mullet, unfortunately what followed was ball on top edge of bat and into straight into his face, confidence sky high. With some kind words from Rich "next time you should play straight", we went on to the game. The play straight is quite a prominent theme for the day...

Having pleaded with the oppo for a 35 over game, as we don't bat for 40, we compromised and agreed on 40, and we had to field first. Excellent news.

Blues Stalwarts Rich and Glenn took the new ball and what followed was precision and accuracy as they both bowled beautifully, regularly beating the outside edge. Rich got the first victim of the day, after a plumb LBW turned down, only for the second delivery to crash into thigh pad and surprisingly given by the umpire. 0 runs from 3 balls from their opener... only 79.3 overs to go. Cricket is a cruel sport.
Glenn kept joining the dots and through scoreboard pressure had the openers trying to rotate the strike only for Chellis and Jack to combine seamlessly in the field to leave the oppo 2 down within the first 5 overs. Jimmy at first slip commented "that almost looked like proper cricket". Thanks mate.

Gilo and Chellis then came on to continue the pressure on the new batsman. Gilo causing havoc from one end with variable bounce led to batsman number 3 chopping on. Another couple of wickets led to Roehampton 55-6 at drinks. With the fear of a repeat of last week, "foot on throat" was the M.O. Chellis continued to bowl wheels at the two young Roehampton batters, overhearing them say "wow, these guys are quick".

We thought we had the game in hand and having seen Brando attempt to bowl leggies from first slip to short cover every delivery, and follow each attempt with "that's ragging" or "bowling Shane". He'd proceeded to get himself a bowl from the skipper and drop himself down the batting order. What followed was a true Blues spin masterclass involving a combination of absolute jaffas and then some gar-barge. He proceeded to finish with figures of 0-48 from his 7... I'm sure Shane would be pleased with those figures...

Post-tea the Blues fielding unit became particularly disinterested in 40 overs, and the two young batsman produced a magnificent partnership of 130 to get Roehampton up to 181-7. Significantly more to chase than we wanted, and the early dream of a 4:30 finish and a Sunday roast in the Red Lion looking less likely as we went out to bat.

Having had two different Blues (Harry Baker and James Leworthy) claim they were both going to "ton up" after a few shandies on Saturday the skipper thought it was best for Eddie J and Archie to open the batting.

Archie started well with a quick single, which he noted afterwards were his first runs since tour, May was a long time ago... Jack with the commentators curse for not the first time today said to him, you can enjoy it now after a couple of 4's meant Archie missed a straight one and had the dreaded death rattle followed.

Simon came in and scored a quick boundary, followed up with a swipe across the line to pick out square leg.

Ed and Jack rotated strike and scored a few boundaries, only for Jack to follow Simon with a delicate heave across the line to pick out the same fielder. "You looked good before you got out" doesn't help as much as thought.

James Leworthy came in at 5 with the Blues under pressure, looking far too composed for a man who went to bed at 5am. Archie thought there would be either a quick duck, or some serious runs for Jimmy today, and having dispatched a couple for 4 we hoped it would be the latter.

Ed J finished with a solid 27, having got in and then got himself out. Brando currently -48 for the Blues needed a decent score to get back to par proceeded to flick first ball of his legs for 4. Only 44 to go... unfortunately he picked out another fielder.

With the Blues now into the wagging tail it was down to the bowlers to get the runs. I decided to go grab a coffee as Gilo and Leworthy looked settled, walking back 5 minutes later to see both comfortably sat on the sidelines wasn't in the script. "just missed one" I think was the quote afterwards.

Chellis, Rich and Glenn did there best to wag the Blues tail. With Rich and Chellis batting well, Jack commented "this looks like the best partnership of the day", only for Rich to miss a straight one and head back to the pavilion. Unfortunately 182 was too big a chase and the Blues only batted for 33 overs. Ironically if we had only played 35 overs as we requested, we would've won the game with 2 overs to spare.... Silver linings eh.

Well played all, and onto Kewcumbers next week, as we all know too well The Blues will be playing 35 overs regardless of what they ask for.

Go Well.

[updated 15 08 2023]