Detail: 20-08-2023 - Kewcumbers

Result: W by 71 runs
*Blues Vs Kew CC - Match Report*

The stresses of match managing in August raising its ugly head again. Who would've thought the most picturesque ground we play on all year, and a sunny forecast would lead to only 8 people wanting to play. With pleads to all sources, we finally managed to have a full 11, with 2 debutants.

Kew the classic boozy Saturday night video from a young blue "I'll definitely get a 50 tomorrow, just you watch". Would it finally come true for Eddie J?

Arrival on Sunday at just after 12, we got to witness English footballers lose their heads when they were 1-0 down and decide hoofing it to CB up top is the only way to win a major tournament... This time it was the lionesses who failed to bring it home. Could the Blues do better.

After fielding for 40 overs last week, and a quick batting collapse the skipper decided if the toss was won, we would bat first and if the inevitable collapse occurred, we could at least be having pints earlier. Little did he know, Eddie J and Harry Baker were seeing it like a beach ball.

Both batsmen played some delightful cover drives and flicks of the hip to dispatch the bad ball, with an aggressive field set by Kew, and a lightning quick outfield both batsmen got full value for their runs. In no time at all the blues were 60odd for 0, and Ben Mirchandani (coming in at 3) was 40 minutes into pad rash, unfortunately for him it would last another hour or so.

The boys ran hard between the wicket and the runs started flowing freely, Eddie J was first to bring up his fifty with a massive six over mid-wicket. The Blues on the boundary clearly not accustomed to such a large opening partnership thought he was just celebrating a massive 6 rather than his fifty, a delayed clap later the onslaught continued. Harry B playing second fiddle to Eddie at this point brought up a very tidy fifty, looking like a completely different human from last week. Apparently 20 Guinness is not a good warm up, who would've known...

An hour and half later, with the score at 149-0, and Ben Mirch still padded up and not particularly enjoying the 26-degree weather, Ed Jenks played one to many and was caught for 74. Great knock to finish the season mate (sadly still behind Harry J). Ben finally got the chance to show the Blues how the Mirchandani's play cricket. Not for the first, nor the last time a Mirch taught the Blues what the sound of the ball out of the middle of the bat sounds like... bloody nice. Ben raced away to 25, but decided to miss a straight one to let everyone else have a go. Thanks mate.

In came Mirch senior and kept the scoreboard ticking over nicely. Harry Baker now into the nervous 90s and feeling the fatigue of a few pints the night before decided boundaries were the course of action, a delicate cut through the keepers' hands to the boundary brought up his 98, two singles later he was celebrating a maiden ton. Congrats!

Mirch scored 20ish off one over against a 14 year old who had no idea where to bowl to him, don't worry kid, most people don't. He departed for 35 and the family honours for the day. Fyfe, Jack and Vez tried to keep the scoreboard ticking and got the Blues to a very respectable 276-4 off 40 overs. WE DID IT!!!! WE FINALLY BATTED 40 OVERS!

Now, I could speak about the tea for longer than the match such was the spread that was prepared. Chicken wings, a variety of ciabatta sandwiches, warm cookies, and pizza was just the start of it. If that isn't enough to entice a full 11 next year, I'm not sure what will be.

Taking the new ball was blues stalwart Glenn Moore and debutant Jimmy Martyr. Glenn with his erring accuracy and outswinger had the ball talking immediately. With a packed cordon the Blues field was chipper with 275 to play with. After a few play and misses the edge was found and gobbled up by Ben Mirch at 2nd slip. From the other end Jimmy was bowling seeds, with a fluid and languid action he strolled to the crease and with Jofra ease had the ball moving in and nibbling of the seam. "Too good for him" was echoing around the grounds. Jimmy finally got his man with a leg stump yorker, and the blues had them 2 down early doors.

With runs needed, their number 3 came in and scored a very quick 40 odd to keep the game in the balance. Glenn finally got him with an inswinger finishing with figures of 2-47 of 8 overs, and only 2 balls away from 100 overs for the Blues this year.

Rich Mullet and Henry Giles where change bowlers, Gilo I think would agree he had his first "thanks for coming" performance. He struggled for rhythm and after a couple of beamers came up to the skipper and asked "can you drag me please". Rich from the other end had the pleasure of bowling at their gun batsman. After he got to 48, Rich teased him with one outside off just before drinks and he drilled it straight to Ben on the boundary. I think every Blue was pleased it was him under the high ball.

After 25 overs, the skipper noticed Glenn was happily fielding at fine length and mid off every over. Just wanting to check that he wasn't bored, Jack asked if he happy down there. The response of "Yes, there are lots of what you would call MILFs, but what I call young totties" made things clear he was happier than a pig in shit. It's not the first time a Blue chooses his fielding position tactically.

Fyfe came on and after a quick loosener found some excellent length and had the ball moving enough to keep the edge in play. With a loud snick the balls luckily stayed in the keepers' mitts and he had his first of the day. A key point of the game arrived with Kew needing 100 of 14 overs with 4 wickets needed. The Blues knew they needed to bowl them out to get the win. Tom Vez, always good for a couple of wickets dutifully delivered with a "you miss, I hit" strategy of bowling at the stumps. Great work Vez. A few balls later he had another with Ben catching a 3rd on debut.

Fyfe for the last two wickets, one with some teasing flight to get the batsman dancing down the wicket leaving a good stumping from Jack behind the stumps. A regulation snick through to Jimmy at first sleep left Kew all out for 205.

Well played Blues for a great win, and thanks for Ben and Jimmy answering the call to come and play.

Finally, congrats to Harry Baker for his ton! Great work mate.

Onto next week at Worcester Park. Go well.

[updated 28 11 2023]